over 40 years in the construction and development industry

In the forty plus years that I have been working in the region, I have always believed that the key to success is to forge solid, reliable and strong relationships that are creative yet comfortable for both partners.

We approach construction with the same ethos, and this shapes the way we build our relationships: with plenty of dedication, commitment, reliability, trust, and passion.

We also invest in what we create and build, whether this is relationships, partnerships or buildings. Furthermore, we want to create spaces in which people can dwell and develop their own relationships. Decades later, our success stands as a testament to these values.

In every project we undertake, we do our absolute utmost to ensure that we put the client’s needs and interests first and reflect this in all aspects of the project.

At United Constructors Contracting Co. Ltd (UCCL), our biggest asset is our team of experienced engineers, craftsmen, and professionals. All share the same belief system, motivating them to excel and perform at the highest level.

As co-founder of UCCL along with my brother, Eng. Samer, we are aware that with each new age comes new challenges and obstacles. To succeed, one must be able to adapt to this climate and the changes that are becoming ever more frequent.

As the second generation of our family enters the workforce along with their colleagues, I am confident that we will achieve new levels of growth and achievement in our future ventures.

To conclude, we provide you with of a brief overview of our company, past achievements, and future successes.

Tarek Droubi

Co-Founder and CEO